Cataldo Ambulance Litigation: Motion to Dismiss Denied

Attorney Kenneth D. Quat and Quat Law Offices is glad to be co-counseling a class action lawsuit against Cataldo Ambulance Service, Inc. with the firms of Yasi & Yasi, P.C., and Mazow & McCullough, P.C., both of Salem, Massachusetts. The suit, which is pending in Suffolk Superior Court, alleges that Cataldo engaged in unlawful billing and collection practices by charging and collecting 18% annual interest from persons who used their ambulance services. On December 30, 2009, Judge Thomas E. Connolly denied Cataldo's motion to dismiss the case, stating: "Cataldo Ambulance did not have the right to add on the charge for interest. This practice by Cataldo ambulance, by unfairly and deceptively demanding unlawful interest charges may be considered by the facfinder to be an unfair and deceptive act." Although the case has not yet been certified by the Court as a class action, plaintiff's counsel anticipate that this will occur once certain discovery has been conducted by the parties.